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Targeting ischemia-induced KCC2 hypofunction rescues refractory neonatal seizures and mitigates epileptogenesis in a mouse model

Kipnis PA, Sullivan BJ, Carter BM, *Kadam SD TrkB-agonists prevent post-ischemic emergence of refractory neonatal seizures in mice. JCI Insight. 2020 May 19; doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.136007.

Kang J, Kadam SD,; Transcranial photoacoustic imaging of NMDA-evoked focal circuit dynamics in rat hippocampus. J. Neural Eng. 2020 Volume 17, Number 2 ; (experimental design, data acquisition, analysis, manuscript writing, funding support)

Sullivan BJ, Ammanuel S, Kipnis PA, Araki Y, Huganir RL, *Kadam SD Low-dose Perampanel rescues cortical gamma dysregulation associated with parvalbumin interneuron GluA2 upregulation in epileptic Syngap1+/- mice. Biological Psychiatry; Volume 87, Issue 9, 1 May 2020, Pages 829-842;

In this issue editorial highlight under: Neural Mechanisms of Epilepsy -

Kang SK, Ammanuel S, Adler DA, *Kadam SD Rescue of PB-resistant neonatal seizures with single-dose of small-molecule TrkB antagonist show long-term benefits. Epilepsy Res. Volume 159, January 2020, 106249

Kang J, Zhang HK, Kadam SD,; Transcranial recording of electrophysiological neural activity in the rodent brain in vivo using functional photoacoustic imaging of near-infrared voltage-sensitive dye. bioRxiv 202408;; Front. Neurosci. | 2019 doi: 10.3389/fnins.2019.00579 (experimental design, data acquisition, analysis, manuscript writing, funding support) -Brain Imaging Methods Editor’s Pick 2021.

Dose-dependent reversal of KCC2 hypofunction and phenobarbital-resistant neonatal seizures by ANA12
Kang SK, Johnston MV, Kadam SD (2015). Acute TrkB inhibition rescues phenobarbital-resistant seizures in a mouse model of neonatal ischemia. Eur J Neurosci. 42(10), 2792-804

Ammanuel S, Chan WC, Adler DA, Lakshamanan BM, Gupta SS, Ewen JB, Johnston MV, Marcus CL, Naidu S, Kadam SD (2015). Heightened Delta Power during Slow-Wave-Sleep in Patients with Rett Syndrome Associated with Poor Sleep Efficiency. PLoS One. 10(10), e0138113

Kang SK, Markowitz GJ, Kim ST, Johnston MV, Kadam SD (2015). Age- and sex-dependent susceptibility to phenobarbital-resistant neonatal seizures: role of chloride co-transporters. Front Cell Neurosci. 9, 173

Adler DA, Ammanuel S, Lei J, Dada T, Borbiev T, Johnston MV, Kadam SD, Burd I (2014). Circadian cycle-dependent EEG biomarkers of pathogenicity in adult mice following prenatal exposure to in utero inflammation. Neuroscience. 275, 305-13. Abstract

Johnston MV, Ammanuel S, O’Driscoll C, Wozniak A, Naidu S, Kadam SD (2014). Twenty-four hour quantitative-EEG and in-vivo glutamate biosensor detects activity and circadian rhythm dependent biomarkers of pathogenesis in Mecp2 null mice. Front Syst Neurosci. 8, 118. Abstract